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Statement of Gratitude

Creating is a way to meditate, to reflect and connect with the world that surrounds us.   As a self-taught artist, I’ve spent many years privately creating.  I have a science degree from University of Toronto and initially worked in counselling. I’m now humbled to work as a full-time artist. 


I work from my home-based studio in the outskirts of Toronto.  My roots are pencil drawings and acrylic paintings.  I’m amazed by the principles from which nature is formed and I spend hours trying to capture the order of nature on paper and canvas.   Each piece is an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of life by the quiet attention given to details.  A study of the simple, yet beautiful things around us  that often go unnoticed

I hope to bring moments of thoughtfulness to you.  Moments of reflection, with a focus on the here and now and on all its details.  Thank you for sharing this moment with me.


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